2020 and Beyond

Centennial Strategy

This is an exciting time for Babson, building on its successes and continuing into its second century as an unmatched innovator, an unparalleled creator and convener of knowledge, and a pioneer in entrepreneurship education.

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“Babson is a fascinating school that has never stopped developing; it exhibits a dynamic quality. We have not yet achieved all that we can. The important point is Babson’s future, not its past.”

– Walter H. Carpenter, former Vice President of Academic Affairs, Babson College

To Impact Everyone, Everywhere

Babson Centennial StrategyFrom Babson College President Kerry Healey:

Babson founded the academic discipline of entrepreneurship. We invented the methodology of Entrepreneurial Thought & Action®. We redefined entrepreneurship to embrace entrepreneurs of all kinds who create social and economic value in any context. We were the first to truly understand that entrepreneurship is the most powerful force for creating positive change in the world. Now, building on nearly 100 years of leadership in entrepreneurship education, we seek to bring Entrepreneurial Thought & Action to everyone on the planet.

Our Centennial strategy is focused on preparing entrepreneurs of all kinds to lead in a new way, creating social and economic value simultaneously and, in doing so, transforming lives, businesses, and communities for the better. By offering a transformative experience, fostering intentional diversity, and preparing graduates to apply Entrepreneurial Thought & Action in all settings—from professional services to startups to NGOs—we prepare our graduates to be ready to lead and make a difference in our rapidly changing world.

The Centennial strategy also calls for deepening our expertise and impact in three areas: strengthening family enterprises, advancing women-led entrepreneurship, and driving social impact. Each of these priorities is a historic strength for the College and offers an opportunity for Babson to make an outsized contribution to solving some of the world’s most pressing problems.

The future is limitless. At 41,000 strong and growing, our global network is poised to tackle big challenges—such as climate change, youth unemployment, and global poverty—with entrepreneurial energy and characteristic Babson spirit. In doing so, we will create jobs, strengthen communities, and create social and economic value for individuals, families, employers, and society.